The Importance of Pricing Plans when Choosing a Virtual Data Room Provider

The importance of pricing plans when using the effectiveness of personal data protection measures is carried out using technology and software control tools called virtual data rooms.

The Effective Virtual Data Room Provider

Control over the activities of any user, each means of protection, and in relation to any object of protection should be carried out on the basis of the application of means of operational control and registration and should cover both unauthorized and authorized actions of users. It assumes the obligation and timeliness of identifying and suppressing attempts to violate the established rules, ensuring the security of personal data, based on the systems and means of protecting personal data, while improving the criteria and methods for assessing the effectiveness of these systems and tools.

In addition, an effective virtual data room provider requires adequate and comprehensive information about the current state of processes related to the movement of information and information on compliance with established regulatory requirements, as well as additional information relevant to decision-making. The information must be reliable, timely, accessible, and well-formed.

The shortcomings of the virtual data room provider identified by the employees of the organization should be immediately brought to the attention of the head of the organization and promptly eliminated. Issues that seem insignificant when considered in isolation, when considered along with other aspects, can indicate negative trends that threaten to develop into major deficiencies if they are not addressed in a timely manner.

How to Choose the Best Pricing Plan for a VDR Provider?

It is very important to choose a VDR provider with the best virtual data room pricing. Most of the “light” sites with low traffic, not containing large amounts of information, are successfully hosted on any shared hosting. There they are located next to other similar sites and share the server resources for all. However, if we are talking about a portal, online store, or other large projects, such hosting will not be enough for full-fledged work. Therefore, it is worth choosing a more powerful version of the site, such as a VDR server, that is, a virtual dedicated server.

The best VDR providers with the best pricing plans include backup tools, anti-virus protection programs, programs for restoring the integrity of the operating environment and databases. The tools for monitoring the integrity of information resources of systems are designed to timely detect modifications or distortion of system resources. They allow ensuring the correct functioning of the protection system and the integrity of the stored and processed information. 

Choosing a virtual data room provider with the best pricing plan, in order to ensure the invariability of the information environment, determined by the provided processing technology, and protection against unauthorized modification of personal data should be provided:

  • means of differentiating access (to premises, to documents, to storage media, to servers, logical devices, etc.);
  • by means of electronic signature;
  • means of calculating checksums (for the software used).

The means of virtual data room providers must ensure the detection and registration of all events (user actions, attempts at unauthorized access, etc.) that may entail a security breach and lead to the emergence of crisis situations. Analysis of the information collected by means of registration allows us to reveal the facts of violations, their nature, suggest the method of its investigation, and ways to find the violator and correct the situation.

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